Chef Thomas's Signature Stollen


You never try, you never know what a STOLLEN is!

STOLLEN is originated from Germany, with its shape resembles baby Jesus in swaddling clothes, first appeared in 1474 with more than 500 years of history.

It’s rich in flavour as it is made of butter, sugar, spices, almond slices, as well as dried fruits macerated in rum for 3 years, dusted with icing sugar on top.

With Chef Thomas’ secret recipe and his 35 years of experience in making STOLLEN, Thomas Trillion is presenting to you one of the best STOLLEN in town.

It isn’t a Christmas without a STOLLEN ! So place your order now before it is out of stock!

未試過你又點會知道STOLLEN 係點!

STOLLEN ,源自德國,又譯史多倫或德國聖誕麵包,造型就像是襁褓裏的耶穌,具有特殊的宗教意義,早在1474年便出現,至今已經有五百多年歷史。


Chef Thomas的秘制配方,加上他35年的制作Stollen經驗,Thomas Trillion 帶俾你全城最好的Stollen之一。

聖誕又點少得Stollen! 快點訂購,賣晒就要等下年㗎喇!

Due to the complexity of our recipes, all ingredients are not mentioned in the description. Please check with us for details.

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