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Happy Easter 2017

Easter Cupcakes Tower            HK$900/Set
12 cupcakes presented in 3 Tier Ceramic Stand 

- with 12 pcs Easter Theme Cupcakes& Cupcake Stand
- Flavours:
1 x Choco Yuzu, 1 x Choco Orange, 1 x Coconut Orange,
2 x Lemon, 2 x Vanilla, 2 x Marshmallow Berries,
1 x Candied Fruit, 2 x Hazelnut Choco
Easter Cupcakes Set ( 8 flavours)  HK$480 /Set

Top from Left Flavor : Hazelnut Choco, Choco Yuzu, Marshmallow Berries, Vanilla

Bottom from Left Flavor: Candies Fruit, Lemon, Coconut Orange, Choco Orange

Rainbow                            HK$60/each
Milk Chocolate Crémeux, Yuzu and Orange Gelée, Yuzu Chocolate Mousse,
Vanilla Ganache, Praline Sponge Cake and
Sablée Base
Oh My Egg !                     HK$60/each
Lime Marshmallow (Fried Egg) ,Coconut Mousse, Mango and Passion Fruit Cream
Raspberries, Pistachio Almond Sponge Cake and Vanilla Sablée

Egg Hut                             HK$60/each
Rich Cocoa Sponge, Vanilla Ganache, Crunchy Praline and Cocoa Sablée Base
Holiday                             HK$60/each
Greek Yoghurt Cheese Mousse, Cherry Gelée, Olive Oil Sponge Cake and Vanilla Almond Sablée Base
Brunch                               HK$60/each
Chocolate Brownies Crumble, White Chocolate Cheese Cake, Freeze Dried Raspberry
Yo Yo                                  HK$60/each
Lychee Mousse, Strawberry Confit, 
Light Strawberry Mousse, Green Lime Almond Sponge and Almond Sablée Base

(All Individual Cakes Price at per unit and Ceramic Rabbit for photo shooting only)

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