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Exceptional Gifts 

It's always nice to hear from friends and family when you have something to celebrate. Our gifts send messages of joy for those. These bundles of goodies are a festive and fun way to say.

Chocolate Gyro


Chocolate Made Gyro.  3 Colours: Red, Yellow and Orange
Gyro Dimension : 6.5cm Width, 6cm Tall

Chocolate Longevity Peach


Chocolate Made Longevity Peach
Dimension : 4cm (L) x3cm (W)

Everlasting Love


Chocolate Made Loving Heart and stand

Box Dimension: 20x20x32cm

Key to My Heart


Chocolate Made Heart.   Who has the key to your heart?  Who wants my love, and who wants to love me the way I need to be loved.
Plastic Ball Dimension: 10cm(Dia)

Wing of My Love


Chocolate Made Heart.  
Carton Box Dimension: 14x14x6cm

My Sunshine


Sumptuous Red Chocolate Rose presented in Dome shaped Glass Cover
​Box Dimension: 15cmx15cmx20cm(H)

Blue Rose


Mystery & Unrealizable Dream.  Blue Chocolate rose presented in Glass Sphere Ball​
Glass Ball Dimension: 10cm(Dia)

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