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King of the KING !!!

King of the KING !!!


Chocolate Made Crown 
Cake: Ghana Chocolate Mousse, Exotic Cream (Mango, Passion Fruit, Banana), Hazelnut Sponge Cake, Cocoa Hazelnut Sable

  • Ordering Lead Time

    3 Days in advance

  • Storage

    To Enjoy Scrumptious Cakes & Pastries, freshness is the key.  The quality, especially the colour and texture, will spoil when the cake is over-exposed to air.  Every cake is a masterpiece hand-made by Chef Thomas with his heart and soul.  Please be gentle when bringing these delicacies home and keep them refrigerated below 4C.  Please consume within the same day. We hope you enjoy our cakes & pastries.

  • Chocolate Plaque

    Chinese characters (10 words) Chocolate Plaque, please put note on the remark column    

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