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  • Consultant

  • Display Table set up

  • Cooking Class Instructor

  • Corporate Party & Private Gathering Pastries

  • Pastry Showpieces Design

  • Tailor made Pastries, cakes

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We, provide services of .....


Chef Thomas has an extensive 20-year international industry experience as the executive pastry chef, working at 5-star hotels, namely JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, Miramar International Hotel Management, New World Hotel Hong Kong, Nikko Hotel….


Chef Thomas' philosophy is all about quality, fresh ingredients, authentic tastes and lots of love for the products he creates. “ Do what you love and love what you do”

Chef Thomas is a patient and dedicated trainer. He can teach your staff  how to make and design your own pastries. He can teach your chefs to organise their work, to manage their wastage, develop menus; and even to manage their team and roster, ultimately upgrading their pastry-making skills.

Corporate Party & Private Gathering Pastries
Cooking Class Instructor

To inspire and entertain, but above all to help you to be become better at what you want to be.

Chef Thomas will demonstrate and help you to learn.

Whether you are a serious pastry amateur,

or an industry professional, Chef Thomas

will help you in learning the art and craft of

pastry, and all the sidekicks that go with it.

Enroll in one of our classes this year,

and be surprised.

Display Table-Set Up

We, provide sophisticated table setting, and decorations for your wedding, kids' parties and company events. We will design your own tables according to your theme. Each table is definitely unique !

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