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King of the KING !!!

It's Time to Go......

Thomas在2010年創建自家餅藝事業, 在這11年間並不容易,經歷了許多風風雨雨, 但仍堅持向前。Thomas也一直堅信餅藝創作是來自一份堅持,一份激情和一份熱愛, 以甜品作為媒介,傳播開去, 並把快樂和驚喜帶給人們。

然而,在近年漸昏邃的社會氣氛和疫情影響下,自己的快樂也漸漸流失, 自己的步伐也越覺沉重。Thomas自1975年踏進烘焙業至今不經不覺已46年所以是時候退下來了。

Thomas Trillion 將營業至2021年8月18日 (星期三)。感謝大家一直以來對Thomas Trillion的支持。感謝一直以來不離不棄地支持我既家人和朋友。


最後祝福 大家身體安康!


Thomas founded his own pastry business in 2010. During these 11 years, it has not been easy. Yet he still keeps moving forward and has experienced many ups and downs. Thomas has always believed that the creation of cake art comes from perseverance, passion and love. He makes desserts as a medium to spread and bring happiness and surprises to people.

However, under the influence of the dizzying social atmosphere and the epidemic in recent years, his happiness has gradually lost, and his steps have become heavier. It's been 46 years since Thomas entered the pastry business in 1975, so it's time to retreat.

Thomas Trillion will be opened until August 18, 2021 (Wed). Thank you for your continued support to Thomas Trillion. Thank you for always supporting him, his family and friends.


Finally, wishing everyone good health!


Thomas LUI


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