King of the KING !!!

Sept Special 

1. 凡於即日起至9月28日預訂 Sept Special 4至6人蛋糕, 可享優惠 
2. 取貨/送貨日期為9月8日至30日。(注意每逢星期一: 休息)
3. 一經確認不得更改取貨或送貨日期
4. 此優惠只限於網上訂購。不適用於whatsapp訂購
5. 此優惠不包括送貨收費。(送貨收費為;港島 $280 ,九龍$180,新界$300)
6. 如果沒有免費停車服務. 需要支付額外的運輸費
7. 此優惠不適用於特别訂購款式蛋糕。
8. 如有任何爭議, Thomas Trillion 保留最終決定權

Sept Special

  1. The date of pick up /delivery is scheduled from the 8-30 Sept.

  2. No change on the date of pick up / delivery can be made after confirming your order. (Monday OFF)

  3. This offer is valid on the online ordering system ONLY.

  4. Delivery Service available from 12-18:00

  5. Extra charge would apply for the delivery on locations without free parking

  6. THOMAS TRILLION reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute arising from this offer.

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Chef Thomas 對自家出品的堅持及執著,為求每位顧客品嚐到最好的奶皇月餅,今年Thomas Trillion 喺中秋推出新產品: 柚子奶黃月餅!


每—啖清香而不膩日本柚子配上香濃奶黃。 月餅每日新鮮出爐,絕不添加防腐劑。為保持質素,會限量出品.  如今年想品嚐到Chef Thomas 的 酥皮奶黃月餅 及柚子奶黃月餅.

1) Thomas Trillion中秋迷你 八件裝月餅禮盒

(奶黃月餅+柚子奶黃月餅各4件) $328

2) Thomas Trillion中秋迷你 四 件裝月餅禮盒

(奶黃月餅+柚子奶黃月餅各2件) $ 228

取貨日期一經確認,不得更改 (注意每逢星期一: 休息)

取貨日期: 2020年9月11日 - 2020年9月30日


Thomas Trillion is a patisserie with passion. At Thomas Trillion, you will find a delightful variety of cakes and pastries made from the best quality ingredients. A wonderful place of joy through pastries; where we share both Thomas' ideas and your imagination in pastry making. DO come and share the joy!


No matter what your favorite CAKE is, we have something that will make you happy!

King of the King

Let us help you in thanking your clients, partners or employees for their support throughout the year.  Available at shop now, do come to choose one !

Other than cakes, we provides more.....

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If the signal is lowered or cancelled after 12:00 a.m. Thomas Trillion will closed for the whole day. If you are arranged to pick up the cakes on that

day, it should be arranged for another day for pick up / delivery

如有關信號於上午6時或之前改為較低的信號或取消,Thomas Trillion當天慣常時間營業 (Tue- Sun & Public Holiday 12:00-8:00pm)


如有關信號於上午6時至下午12時改為較低的信號或取消,Thomas Trillion便會於下午2時恢復營業


如有關信號於下午12時後改為較低的信號或取消,當天全日休息。 如你本該於當天到Thomas Trillion取餅,取餅日期會順延一天同樣時間取餅

Due to the complexity of our recipes, all ingredients are not mentioned in the description. Please check with us for details.

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